Lessons from Poundbury


6/3/06 11:30am-12:30pm

Just as Seaside has been an icon for New Urbanism, HRH, the Prince of Wales's own development at Poundbury, has served as a standard-bearer in the United Kingdom. Designed by Léon Krier, Poundbury pioneered the reintroduction of mixed-use, mixed-income, walkable communities in the United Kingdom, and did so in an unapologetic blend of architecture grounded in the traditions of Dorset in Southwest England. Houses at Poundbury now command a premium, over 1000 people live there and 600 work there, and affordable housing is invisibly "pepper-potted" throughout the community. As the so-called Poundbury effect spreads across Great Britain, the developers at Poundbury share with us some lessons from across the pond.

This presentation includes:
Slideshow by Hank Dittmar
Slideshow by Dennis Hardy