Jobs We Shouldn't Have Taken


6/3/06 4:00pm-5:00pm

At the beginning of a project, developer and designer may view it with rose-colored glasses. They see great potential but ignore the danger signs lurking beneath the surface, such as optimistic cost projections, a developer's undercapitalization, or a lack of municipal will. This session is a chance for new urbanists with large practices to share war stories and reflect on pitfalls they wish they would have anticipated. Learn how projects started with great intentions wind up failing to embody some of the principles of the Charter. Where did they go wrong and could they have been saved? Learn how to avoid your own mistakes at this powerful tell-all session.

Presented by: Hank Dittmar, Stefanos Polyzoides, John Torti

This presentation includes:
Video of John Torti

A summary of the session written by a member of the CNU blog team is included in This Report