Green Development: Why on Earth?


6/3/06 11:30am-12:30pm

From a developer's point of view, why should anyone do green development? Many developers know that incorporating green is "the right thing to do." But given the often higher up-front costs of green planning and design, is it worth the risk? From a market perspective, is green what the public is looking for? With knowledge expanding and new technology continually coming on-line, how are decisions made about which layers of green infrastructure make sense? Doesn't the extra complexity require more effort, coordination, time, and organization to make it work? During this talkshow, public and private developers will share their stories from the green trenches. What are some of the mistakes, pitfalls, and rewards of this type of development?

Presented by: Stephanie Bothwel, Daniel Hernandez, Laurel Prevetti, Joe VanBelleghem

This presentation includes:
Slideshow by Laurel Prevetti.
Slideshow by Joe VanBelleghem

A summary of the session written by member of the CNU blog team is included in This Report

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