Enabling Great Streets


Streets play a critical role in the character of any community, defining the quality of the public realm, sizing blocks, providing access, and dictating the arrangement and interaction of land uses. The design and function of a community's streets can limit or bolster potential. Learn the necessary process and elements that allow communities to envision, design, and implement great streets. Listen to an audio recording of this session.

Brian Bochner, Senior Research Engineer, Texas Transportation Institute
Michael Freedman, Principal, Freedman, Tung & Bottomley
Ian Lockwood, Senior Transportation Engineer, Glatting Jackson, Kercher, Anglin, Inc.
Troy P. Russ, Principal, Glatting Jackson, Kercher, Anglin, Inc.
Eric Dumbaugh, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning, Texas A&M University

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