Closing Assembly with Léon Krier


6/4/06 10:00am-12:30pm CNU Update: A Historic Year and a Vision for the Future Hank Dittmar, Chair of the Board, and John Norquist, President and CEO, will report back on activity from the Councils and discuss recent victories, charter amendments, and future goals for CNU. Lifetime Achievement Awards Presentation CNU is beginning a new tradition of lifetime achievement awards. Andrés Duany will present the inaugural Athena Legacy medal to Léon Krier, the pioneer of traditional urbanism and perhaps its most effective polemicist. The Athena Legacy medal is named for the goddess, defender of the city, weaver of fabric. It recognizes the legacy of pioneers who laid the groundwork for new urbanism. The first recipients are Christopher Alexander and Léon Krier, teachers and masters for many of us. After the awards ceremony, Léon Krier will share his thoughts on developing the New Urbanism. Presented by: Hank Dittmar, Andrés Duany, Léon Krier, John Norquist This session includes: Slideshow by Hank Dittmar Slideshow by Léon Krier Video of Andrés Duany presenting award to Léon Krier. Video of Krier 1 Video of Krier 2 Video of Krier 3 Video of Krier 4 Video 0f Krier 5 A summary of the session written by a member of the CNU blog team is included im This Report Listen to Session