Back to Boulevards


6/2/06 4:00pm-5:00pm

Surface streets have replaced freeways in San Francisco,New York, Portland, and Milwaukee. Now Buffalo, Louisville, and Seattle are all contemplating what to do with crumbling urban freeways that separate their downtowns from their waterfronts and channelize traffic into congestion. In partnership with the Center for Neighborhood Technology, CNU is launching a three-year initiative highlighting the economic and environmental benefits of replacing superhighways with at-grade streets. The project will combine research and analysis of property values, traffic performance, and policy systems with on-the-ground constituency building and cultivation. Learn from local and national leaders and discuss methods for changing urban infrastructure investments to add value to cities.

Presented by: Scott Bernstein, Bill Lieberman, John Norquist

This presentation includes:
Slideshow by William Lieberman