Saturday Morning Plenary*


The State of the CNU
Join CNU Board Chair Hank Dittmar, President and CEO John Norquist and other board members as they present an overview of CNU’s 2007 strategic plan. This 18-month effort lays out a strategy for enabling and promoting reform of the regulatory structure governing development and the practices of the building industry and related professions.

Address by Kjell Forshed
Following the presentation on CNU’s future, CNU co-founder Stefanos Polyzoides will introduce architect Kjell Forshed. Forshed will present ideas for achieving excellence in urbanism. His appearance builds on an indelible moment in recent Congress history, when Stockholm city planner Aleksander Wolodarski received an emotional standing ovation at the 2005 Charter Awards ceremony for his work on the Sankt Erik infill neighborhood. Despite a bitter critical reception from modernist Swedish architects, the Stockholm development was recognized by jurors and Congress attendees as urbanism of the highest order. Responsible for much of the best architecture at Sankt Erik, Forshed is quietly earning a reputation as the leading traditional architect and urbanist in his country. Sharing observations from decades of experience humanizing developments in Sweden to jurying CNU’s 2007 Charter Awards, Forshed will challenge and inspire us to reconnect with urbanism’s timeless virtues.

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