Saturday Evening Plenary*


Opening Welcome
John Norquist, President and CEO of CNU, will introduce Congressman Barney Frank (D-MA), Chairman of the House Committee on Financial Services. Since the departure of Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, no other member of either house of Congress better grasps urban policy or understands the value of urban life to the American economy and culture. Frank will share his agenda for federal policy that supports, rather than degrades, urbanism in America.

Tribute to Rich McLaughlin
CNU co-founder and leading post-Katrina Gulf Coast planner Andres Duany will give a tribute to Rich McLauglin, a longtime CNU member and tireless advocate for new urbanist planning principles. Rich had a deep knowledge and commitment to the principles of New Urbanism, from his early days at DPZ to his pioneering work on a neighborhood modeling system and creating a Neighborhood Design Center in Madison, Wisconsin. His passion for walkable, compact communities that embrace diversity, density and beauty will live on in the many projects he had a hand in around the country.

Duany will then introduce and present the Athena Medal to renowned architect, author, and teacher Robert A.M. Stern.

Keynote Address by Robert A.M. Stern
When other designers turned their backs on architecture in the urban context, Stern pronounced the value of cities and urban form. His prosperous architectural practice helped reintroduce essential architectural traditions into a design culture that had lost its sense of history. Combining impeccable academic credentials with brilliant administration and first-rate knowledge of design, Stern has also supplied fearless leadership at Yale University's School of Architecture, making it perhaps the most truly open-minded architecture school in the world. He will speak on his vision of urbanism in our time.

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