Friday Evening Plenary; Regionalism: the Third Layer of New Urbanism*


Sam Sherman, partner, New Urban Ventures, will introduce Hon. Edward G. Rendell, Governor, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Governor Rendell will speak about reinventing in our urban centers, the importance of funding mass transit, and his initiatives at a statewide level to promote sustainable economic development.

Dan Solomon, CNU co-founder and Board member will introduce Jonathan Barnett, one of America's most distinguished urban planners and code writers. Jonathan will receive the CNU Athena Award for his contribution to the revival of urbanism and will then speak on "Smart Growth in a Changing World.” The Athena Medal recognizes the legacy of pioneers who laid the groundwork for New Urbanism.

Then Hank Dittmar, CNU Board Chair, will introduce acclaimed architect, planner, CNU co-founder and author Peter Calthorpe. Calthorpe will share his vision for a fuller engagement of New Urbanism at the regional scale. The author of Pedestrian Pocket Book; The Regional City: Planning for the End of Sprawl; Sustainable Communities; and The Next American Metropolis: Ecology, Community, and the American Dream, Calthorpe received the prestigious Nichols Prize from the Urban Land Institute in 2006. Peter and his firm have developed regional plans for Salt Lake City, Dallas, Portland, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Austin, and Los Angeles as well as regions in Dubai and Japan.

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