Open Call for Complete Streets: Submissions Wanted.

Who loves complete streets? You love complete streets.

From down the New Urbanist news pipeline comes word that Victor Dover, Megan McLaughlin and John Massengale are working on a street design manual for Wiley. Speaking for the group, Massengale says: 
"We’re motivated by the rapid renewal of interest worldwide in creating and restoring high-quality streets, and particularly by the progress made in the past couple of decades to creatively incorporate better provisions for walking and cycling in the new generation of streets. At the same time, as designers we’re motivated by the recent crop of street projects to push for a raising of the bar, because despite of all their “completeness," too many recent street fixes lack beauty, wholeness and a sense of place. In particular, we've noticed that with all the new attention being paid to striping and paving, there’s been a creeping neglect of other essential components, like shaping the street space three-dimensionally and visually. But of course you all know this!"
Calling upon complete street lovers everywhere, the manual-designing trio are asking the greater public to help them build a compendium of "your favorite streets and your own designs" for possible inclusion in their Wiley publication. All interested parties should send digital photos of "the most beautiful streets you know (ancient, new, etc.); the most beautiful new or newly rebuilt streets; and the most beautiful 'complete' (explicitly or implicitly multimodal) streets" to

On a final note, Massengale says "we're hoping to make a very quick, If This Is Tuesday, It Must Be Belgium type of tour to look at new examples of Complete Streets, Woonerfs, rebuilt boulevards, etc. So if you'd like to suggest the best European examples to visit, please do that too."



After Chicago's Snowpocalypse

After Chicago's Snowpocalypse this year, Addison Street turned into a makeshift woonerf. It was awesome.



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