2014 New Urban Research

The 2014 Call for New Urban Research is now closed.  Thank you to all who participated. 

Beginning in 2008 with CNU XVI in Austin, the Congress for the New Urbanism has annually showcased innovative academic paper submissions for presentation at the Congress. CNU is proud to continue this tradition for our 2014 Call for New Urban Research, an opportunity to showcase your academic work and present it in a special session at the Congress.

We are now accepting academic papers representing either of the two selected topics for this year:

Urban Design Education

For papers dealing with Urban Design Education Methods, CNU is looking for academic investigations that address questions of tradition and/or innovation in the education of urban design postulants or in the construction and deployment of responsive urban design programs.

New Urbanism & Transportation

Papers that focus New Urbanism & Transportation should undertake critical discussion and practice of New Urbanism with respect to transportation. Topics include (but are not limited to) performance measures, travel and traffic behavior and psychology, road safety, transit networks, bikeway networks, street vitality, and highways to boulevards.

Selected authors are expected to present their papers at CNU 22 in Buffalo, NY, June 4 - June 7, 2014. Papers will also be published on CNU.org. view submission guidelines for more details.




The following papers will be presented from June 4 - June 7, 2014 at CNU 22 in Buffalo, NY:

Educational Project for the Urban Regeneration of the City of Comacchio, Italy (Presentation)
Donatella Diolaiti 

Learning from Chicago and Barcelona 
Adolf Sotoca 

Elevated Highways and Evolutionary Theory: Has Buffalo, NY Stalled Out On a Local Maximum at its Outer Harbor? 
Russell Weaver

How Can We Actually Encourage People to Walk? A Response to Typical Misapplications of New Urbanism 
Patrick Braga

City Resilience & Active Transportation Infrastructure
Rachael Bronson & Wes Marshall

Visualizing Urban Park Supply Ratios
Chris McCahill, Garrick Norman & Carol Atkinson-Palombo


The following papers were presented from May 29 - June 1, 2013 at CNU 21 in Salt Lake City, UT:

Retrofitting Suburbia and Informal Slums in the Latin-American Context
Oscar Carracedo and Nuria Noguer

The Tactical Urbanism Origins of the Denver Bike Sharing System
Wesley E. Marshall, Andrew Duvall, and Deborah Main

From Parking to Park: Transportation Impacts & Value of Parklets
Danielle Dai

From Master Plans to Punctual Interventions (slums in Barcelona)
Adolf Sotoca and Oscar Carracedo

Tactical Urbanism Using "Pattern Language" Toolkits
Michael Mehaffy

Revitalizing Neighborhoods Through Temporary Urbanism
Kimberly C. Driggins 



The following papers were presented from May 8-12, 2012 at CNU 20 in West Palm Beach, FL:

New Urbanism in New Delhi
Dipu Gupta

Imageability Continuum and Discreteness: Older Residential Neighborhood Areas of Kolkata
Tapas Mitra

Sustainable Development Zones: India’s New Urbanism?
Lesley Pories

Space, Property and the First Urbanism
M. Gordon Brown

Rediscovering the Master Street Plan: The Critical Missing Component in City Planning Today
Paul Knight 

Striving for New Urbanist Transportation in an AASHTO World: Stapleton’s Challenges and Opportunities
Dr. Wesley Marshall

Quality by Design: The Venustas of Urban Squares
Valentin Hadelich



The following papers were presented from June 1-4, 2011 at CNU 19 in Madison, WI:

Supersized Intersections vs. Gridded Street Networks: Comparing Capacities & Pedestrian Accommodations
Brian Bern and Wesley Marshall

Transportation for Sustainable Communities: A Cost and Impact Comparison between Alternative Transportation Modes
Patrick M. Condon

Prediction of Transportation Outcomes for LEED-ND Pilot Projects
Reid Ewing 

The Neglected Educational Reform: The Holistic Revitalization of American Urban Neighborhoods
Kathleen M. Galvin and Walter F. Heinecke

Chicago is Rural: The Inconsistencies and Absurdities of Street Connectivity Indices
Paul L. Knight 

Automobile Use and Activity Level in Small Cities
Chris McCahill and Norman Garrick 

Horizons of Pattern Languages: Why Architects Should Look Much More Carefully at the Opportunities for a New Generation of Pattern Technology
Michael Mehaffy 

School Oriented Development: Elementary Schools as a New Opportunity for Sprawl Repair
Carolyn Reid 



The following papers were presented from May 19-22, 2010 at CNU 18 in Altanta, GA:

The City of Continuity vs. the City of Contrasts: New Urbanism and Historic Preservation
Steven Semes 

New Tools for Urban Transportation Planning
Michelle Marcus 

Retrofitting Suburbia Through Pre-Urban Patterns
Pere Vall Casas 

Visualizing Morphological Conditions for Pedestrian Connectivity
Christopher Miller 

Losing Hartford: Transportation Policy and the Decline of an American City
Christopher McCahill 

Acoustic Expectations, Health Effects and Design Techniques in the Urban Environment
Steven Ryherd 

Medical Science, Evidence-Based Design, and the Evolving Implications for Best Practice in Urban Design
Michael Mehaffy 

Why Bike-Friendly Cities are Safer for all Road Users
Wesley Marshall 

Complete Streets Make Healthier People: Reforming Street Design Policies to Combat Obesity
Bill Sadler



The following papers were presented from June 10-14, 2009 at CNU 17 in Denver, CO:

A Lot Types Approach to Coding for Diverse Established Neighborhoods
Korkut Onaran 

Climate Change and Urbanism: The Choices Before Us
Michael Mehaffy, Laura Hall, and Robert Alminana 

Urban Generative and Sustainable Design Processes to Create Living Urban Form: Case Study of a Courtyard Housing Design Competition
Kyriakos Pontikis 

The Shape of Sustainable Street Networks for Neighborhoods and Cities
Norman Garrick and Wesley Marshall 



The following papers were presented from April 3-6, 2008 at CNU XVI in Austin, TX:

New Urbanism and New Pedestrianism
Michael Arth 

Phoenix Rising: Measuring Urban Densification Associated with Light Rail Transit
Carol Atkinson-Palombo 

Urbanism in Evolution: New Urbanism and Beyond
Stephen Marshall 

Urbanism and Parking Demand in New England Cities
Wes Marshall and Norman Garrick 

The Impact of Transportation and Urban Planning on Carbon Emissions: A Case Study of Cambridge, MA
Christopher McCahill and Norman Garrick 

Mechanism Design Theory and and Sustainable Urban Form: A Proposed Priority for Collaborative Research
Michael Mehaffy 

Perforated, Bent and Folded: Urban Fabric for Human Consumption
Nikos Salingaros, Kenneth G. Masden 

Light Imprint Urbanism
Tom Low, Stephen L. Davis, Andres Duany, Patrick Kelly, Guy Pearlman, Georgio Tachiev