NU Council VIII - 21st Century Urbanism

Montgomery, Alabama to Host NU Council, Oct 14-16th with Victor Dover, Andres Duany and John Norquist

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Victor Dover, Andres Duany, John Norquist and others will present a detailed critique of New Urbanism in the 21st Century at the next CNU Council, with a candid look at how New Urbanism must adapt to the realities of the Great Economic Reset.

The work of Dover-Kohl, DPZ, HPE, Urban Advisors, Urban Advantage, and Zimmerman/Volk in Montgomery will form the backdrop, including the Downtown Master Plan and Code (2006), The Plan for Oak Park and Centennial Hill (2009), West Fairview Avenue Plan (2010), and Maxwell Boulevard Neighborhood Plan (2011).
The council will include tours of projects developed under the Downtown Master Plan and SmartCode form-based code, including Court Square Plaza, several restored historic structures, and new infill restaurants and businesses. Discussion will also involve proposed plans under development such as a redesigned Dexter Avenue, new mixed-use housing developments, and a landmark children’s museum and library at One Court Square.

Outside the Downtown tours shall include Lanier Place workforce housing neighborhood; the A&P Development, a mixed-use, infill courtyard development; and the traditional neighborhood developments of Hampstead and The Waters.

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