Call for Projects on Accessibility

For a research paper on Visitability commissioned by AARP, Eleanor Smith of Concrete Change is looking for information about New Urbanist developments that incorporate Visitability. Co-authors of this document are CNU members Jordana Maisel and Dr. Ed Steinfeld, of the IDEA Center at the State University of New York at Buffalo.

The developments we are seeking would have the following characteristics:

  • Include single family detached houses or single family attached (row houses) that offer the following three Visitability features: at least one zero-step entrance; interior main-floor doors which provide at least 32 inches clear passage space; (including bathroom doors) and at least a half bath on the floor with the zero-step entrance.
  • The three features were voluntarily incorporated by the New Urbanist designer or developer, as opposed to being legal requirements such as Section 504, a local Visitability law, etc.
  • Are not Hope VI projects or other projects which applied for extra points for Visitability from a federally-assisted program, thus requiring the participating designer/developer to include the visitability features.

Any NU developer who has incorporated access as outlined above would be someone we want to hear about, including any who applied for the extra Visitability point in LEED-ND. If you fit the above, or know of someone who does, please contact me with the New Urbanist's name, the city where the development is located, and the person's email address and/or phone number. If it's happening, we want to know about it and give credit where credit is due.

Please contact me OFF-LINE at eleanors {at} mindspring com.