New Urbanist Land Development Regulations

The Planners Task Force has collected and created resources to promote new urbanist municipal land development regulations.

The publication Codifying New Urbanism, available in the CNU online store, describes New Urbanist essentials, the steps to putting New Urbanism to work in your community, and the successes of 12 communities who have followed the approaches described in the report. It also contains an extensive interview with a practitioner about his experience in championing and implementing New Urbanism.

A list of New Urbanist Land Development Regulations, which is included in Codifying New Urbanism as Appendix A, describes those regulations already in place in the United States.

Working with new urbanist planners, leaders of Gulf Coast communities such as Moss Point and Gulfport, Mississippi have been proceeding with the creation of form-based SmartCodes that guide development to take the form of coherent, compact neighborhoods featuring shopping, schools, and other uses within walking distance of residences.

Download a bibliography of related articles.

Problem Statement
Countless communities across the country are suffering from the effects of formless sprawl. These communities need tools to combat traffic congestion, pollution, social and economic division, and loss of community interaction. Unfortunately, it is illegal to practice common sense new urbanist planning in many of these places.

-- Codifying New Urbanism gives examples of new urbanist principles by showcasing innovation in land development regulations and codes.

-- This book also provides technical information and resources to individuals and organizations working to incorporate new urbanism into their communities.

How to help
CNU is still interested in learning of new urbanist land development regulations being put into place.

Contact Information
Task Force: Rick Bernhardt or Paul Crawford. Staff: Heather Smith.