Windsor Forum on Design Education

Bothwell, Duany, Hetzel, Hurtt, and Thadani gathered an array of sympathetic and concerned architecture faculty and practitioners, along with sociologists, theologians, philosophers, landscape architects, and regular folk. During a long weekend at Windsor, Florida, we reviewed the underlying philosophies and structures of some well-known past and present models of architectural education and speculated on new ones. This publication collects the presentations, discussions, and proposals.

The document is put forth to spawn dialogue between the various schools of architecture and those of the collateral disciplines, principal among which is planning and environmental sciences.

Problem Statement
There is an obvious crisis in the discipline of architecture. Although subject to the general crisis in the practice, architectural education is nevertheless complicit in its cause... With this in mind, a few educators called for the creation of an ideal yet real curriculum — one that would better address the needs of society, the natural environment, and places of historic value.

How to help
Please see the attached PDF for an excerpt from the book.

Contact information
Dhiru Thadani, Ayers/Saint/Gross

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