AuthentiCITY: The Madison Design Competition at CNU 19

Winner of Design Competition Announced at CNU 19

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Note as of 06/05/11: The winner of the AuthentiCity design competition has been awarded to the Woonerf plan from Canin Associates out of Orlando, FL . Read the detailed update on the winning entry at the CNU 19 live blog, and be sure to check the AuthentiCity website for further details.


AuthentiCity: The Madison Design Competition

We hear every day how much damage mankind has incurred on the natural environment. How sprawl has caused climate change with our excessive vehicle use and inefficient industry emissions. How some parts of the U.S. have water shortages whereas other areas have flooding due to too much stormwater run-off. How obesity and diabetes are increasing due to our sedentary lifestyles from development patterns that force us to commute.

Why not build compact and walkable places where the infrastructure is already in place, the public services are currently provided, and the vacant sites are generally underutilized, impervious surfaces?

In light of recent economic conditions, cities are coming back. Infill and redevelopment are common sense. The Congress for the New Urbanism and the City of Madison are pleased to announce the AuthentiCity design competition. See our competition page for more information.

The goals and objectives of the competition have been developed to encourage innovative design ideas for a municipally owned site in Madison, Wisconsin. This competition aims to illustrate how the principles of New Urbanism can best be applied to the redevelopment site and to provide the 19th Congress for the New Urbanism's host city with a collection of innovative ideas they can consider as the project moves forward. As a gateway to the state's capital city, the Union Corners site on East Washington Avenue offers competition applicants an exciting opportunity to explore how the Charter principles can be employed to foster transit-oriented development. 

02.21.2011 Competition Launch

02.25.2011 Registration Opens

04.15.2011 Questions/ Clarifications Deadline

05.09.2011 Submission Deadline

06.04.2011 Winners Announced

06.1-4.2011 Exhibition - CNU 19 Madison Prizes: Up to $1000.00

Visit the AuthentiCity website by clicking: 

AuthentiCity is... 

A collaborative of design professionals with an interest in the long-term vitality of our cities and towns. Our mission is to direct the vast design talent of our nation towards our urban habitat. We wish to return a respect for civic spaces to the minds of architects, planners, landscape architects and engineers. We seek a shared vision of an attainable civic future for our most valuable investments - the places we live. 

AuthentiCity hosts competitions aimed at illustrating how excellent design can create a framework for authentic places to emerge. There are holes in the fabric of American cities and towns that require attention. We view these places as opportunities to bring communities together, not with unsustainable, single-use, car-oriented lifestyle centers or office parks, but by creating authentic places. AuthentiCity hopes to encourage innovation within the principles of the New Urbanism and only selects competition sites that are rooted in reality and that have the potential to become authentic places. We hope the award winning designs that emerge from our competitions will inspire the market to build better places.