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The demographic demand for urbanism grows each and every day.

The Congress for the New Urbanism is the leading organization promoting walkable, neighborhood-based development as an antidote to formless sprawl.

CNU provides its members with the ideas and tools to deliver on the desire for prosperous, healthy, culturally vibrant, and better-performing regions, towns and neighborhoods. 

Now is the time to join the movement that puts the theories behind sustainable thought into action.


CNU offers a multitude of Membership Levels for individuals and organizations at the most comfortable level of their commitment.

Become an Advocate and enjoy an alliance with like-minded CNU Members, membership in your local CNU Chapter, and CNU's newsletter, the CNU Monthly Review.

Join our core by becoming an Urbanist and gain all of the above plus full access to CNU's immense resources, from Congress Webcasts, our Projects & Presentation Library, Continuing Education discounts, Congress registration discounts, member directory, publication discounts, digital subscription to New Urban News, and more.

Engage at a higher-level as a City-Builder and obtain all the benefits of a core Urbanist plus a chance to showcase your work on, and participate in "fireside chats" with top thinkers and CNU leaders throughout the year.

Align yourself or your organization with CNU at the elite Leader, Champion or Benefactor levels, and make your mark on the movement.

For 20 years, CNU has been the intellectual leader for urbanism that adds value to people's lives.

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