Healthier Circulation: the Future of Getting Around

An evening with David Byrne, Ellen Dunham-Jones, Charles Brewer and Scotty Greene

How do cities reveal themselves differently when you are traveling on a bicycle or on foot versus by car? Come hear musician, environmentalist and philanthropist David Byrne discuss his recent endeavors into New Urbanism and the problems facing modern urban environments. Byrne's new book, Bicycle Diaries, chronicles how his use of bicycles as his primary form of transportation (and folding bicycles wherever he travels) taught him to view the world and its cities differently.

Byrne will welcome the opportunity for lively on-stage engagement with cutting-edge urbanists like Ellen Dunham-Jones, Charles Brewer and Scotty Greene. Georgia Tech architecture professor Dunham-Jones is CNU 18 chair and co-author of Retrofitting Suburbia; Brewer is the founder of Mindspring and developer of the CNU Charter Award-winning Glenwood Park in Atlanta; Greene has used enhanced bicycle networks and other urban strategies to energize the Buckhead area of Atlanta in his role as executive director of the Buckhead Community Improvement District.

Online registration is now closed. Registration on site will be available for $30.

This lecture is part of CNU 18: Rx for Healthy Places, the 18th annual event from the Congress for the New Urbanism organized with assistance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. To learn more about CNU 18 visit

If you are already attending CNU 18, there's no need to register here. The lecture is included in your registration package -- just bring your CNU 18 name badge to get into the lecture hall.