Sunday Closing Plenary: The Green Agenda for CNU


It is becoming increasingly clear that our historic environmental predicament cannot be solved without a shift that makes walkable, sustainable New Urbanism the status quo. So how should CNU best enable this shift? In addressing this question, CNU’s President and CEO John Norquist presents New Urbanism as the Convenient Remedy to the “Inconvenient Truth” of global climate change—a solution that will make communities more livable and cohesive, as long as we’re successful in advancing reforms in street design, zoning codes, and other fields to remove the barriers that thwart good urbanism. Building on a climate initiative framework presented on behalf of CNU and its board by new board chair Ray Gindroz, Doug Farr proposes that CNU lead the aggressive 2030 Communities Campaign.

And deep in the heart of Texas oil country, James Howard Kunstler, author of The Long Emergency, The Geography of Nowhere, and The City in Mind, will have plenty to say about the coming withdrawal from our hydrocarbon addiction in “The Long Emergency 2008 Update.” And as this session becomes an interactive forum, you can expect updates on member-driven sustainability efforts, including some launched at last fall’s Green Council and involving leading members such as Galina Tahchieva, John Massengale, Elizabeth Moule, Hank Dittmar, and Stefanos Polyzoides.

James Howard. Kunstler, Author
John O. Norquist, President and CEO, Congress for the New Urbanism
Doug Farr, President and Founding Principal, Farr Associates Architecture & Urban Design
Hank Dittmar, Chief Executive, The Prince's Foundation
Robert B. Hunter, FAICP, President of the American Planning Association

The session begins with Robert B. Hunter, President of the American Planning Association, discussing how CNU and APA members can pursue sustainable communities by working on common goals.

Attached is the framework for CNU's climate change initiative presented by board chair Ray Gindroz.

Watch Doug Farr's slideshow on the 2030 campaign.

Listen to Doug Farr's presentation at CNUXVI.

Also listen to
a brief interview with Doug Farr about the campaign.

Our apologies that a malfunctioning camera prevents sharing of video from the closing plenary, but audio from the session will be posted by 5-10-08.

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