Eye on the Street: April 25th, 2011

Today's "Eye on the Street" captures Heather Smith as she puts

 her eye on the street to capture the speeds of vehicular, bicycle,

and pedestrian traffic moving down State Street. 

 Ben Schulman(photo credit: Ben Schulman)


"Eye on the Street" is an ongoing series of user-generated photos and commentary submitted by dedicated New Urbanists like yourself. Ever been walking down a busy, well-developed street and thought to yourself "I am walking through a great pic of urban design!" and wished you could share it? Ever been attempting to cross an six-lane road and thought to yourself "I just wanna cross! I wish I could take a picture and share this insanity with everyone"? Well, "Eye on the Street" is your way to do exactly that. Snap-as-you-go and submit your pics to: communications@cnu.org.




State Street Observations

We found that this street although busy with 2 lanes in either direction seems to tame the speed of cars quite well.  Perhaps it is the height of buildings or the width of the street (120 feet from building to building or 62 feet wide just pavement) as the Peter Swift study might suggest.

We found that speeds were around 18-19mph with a top speed of 25.  Not bad given that the overall city speed limit is 30mph.   Stay tuned as we measure other streets!


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