The Inspiration of the Open Source Congress at CNU 19: A guest post by Edward Erfurt

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This blog post is dedicated to introducing you to Open Source, so you will be inspired to bring a topic to Madison. CNU 19 is hosting an en masse Open Source Congress. Bring your thoughts and topics to discuss with other urbanists from across the globe. 

The concept is simple, share a topic or idea during the Thursday morning Plenary, find like minded participants, and host a discussion on your topic. The Open Source Congress will brings together small groups of enthusiastic people to work with you to tackle your challenge. This is an opportunity to use the broad resources of the Congress attendees. Use the day to develop these ideas. 

These topics could be simple in nature, or you could prepare a more elaborate presentation to share. Several topics have been developed during previous Congresses such as Light Imprint UrbanismSprawl Retrofit, and Tactical Urbanism. These topics started with small groups and have expanded in a national discourse and publications.The annual Congress has always had intelligent and challenging presentations from some of the best minds in the business, but the schedule is tight and not every topic has the opportunity to have a plenary session. At the same time, the Congress is full of smart, talented, committed urbanists. Open Source is the opportunity to discuss and explore additional topics, and for all of us to interact and engage. Best of all what happens during Open Space is entirely up to you.

I will be sharing several blog posts over the next few days explaining the simplicity of the process and the CNU venue, which I assure you takes longer to write then it does to explain. Now is the time to start sharing your ideas. Begin putting together your thoughts, and share on the CNU webpage, various list-serves, Facebook accounts or blogs. 

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Still time to register for

Still time to register for CNU 19 - bring your idea and your voice to Madison.


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