CNU 23: Dallas/Fort Worth

CNU 23

"Human Scale" Pioneer Jan Gehl To Headline CNU Dallas/Fort Worth Congress April 29-May 2, 2015

Architect and author Jan Gehl will bring ideas from his latest work to the 23rd Annual Congress for the New Urbanism in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas April 29 – May 2, 2015. Gehl has been highly regarded for years for re-orienting city design towards the pedestrian and cyclist. But he has enjoyed a new burst of acclaim with the release of the film The Human Scale, which focuses on his life and work.

Gehl’s recent work uses public life surveys to better inform people-focused design. Gehl maintains that to create thriving, prosperous places, we must design at the human scale and shape policy to invite and reward public life.

“I’m thrilled that Mr. Gehl can join us in Dallas and Fort Worth.” said Lynn Richards, President and CEO of CNU. “I’ve been a fan of his ever since reading Life Between Buildings. CNU has always been about encouraging design at the human scale. The theme for this 23rd Congress is ‘Meeting the Demand for Walkable Places.’ So having Jan Gehl with us in Texas couldn’t be more appropriate.”

Mr. Gehl’s presentation will fit the tone of the four days of high-level training, discussion and application of placemaking strategies in real places in Dallas and Fort Worth. “The demand for compact, walkable neighborhoods is rising,” said Ms. Richards. “We’ll be using Congress sessions and demonstration projects to put the spotlight on success stories in the region and the nation and to explore ways to ramp up our mission to help communities build places people love.”

CNU 23: Meeting the Demand for Walkable Places
April 29 - May 2, 2015 in Dallas/Fort Worth

The 23rd Annual Congress is coming to Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas. The rich and diverse DFW region provides the perfect backdrop to explore the range of opportunities and challenges facing our members.

This year’s theme looks at the forces driving the desire for more urban lifestyles. In Dallas alone, 68% of residents "believe being able to walk or bike to destinations would be good for the local economy" yet the current market of walkable neighborhoods is only 3-5% in the Dallas/Fort Worth region.

Join us in DFW for CNU 23, April 29 – May 2, 2015 and network, learn and collaborate with the top real estate developers, architects, public officials, planners, architects and advocates working to make our cities better places.

Partnership Opportunities

A diverse and growing metroplex, the DFW region provides a rich setting for engaging on the challenges and opportunities facing our members, their governments, and professions.

As a CNU 23 Partner, you will enable conversations in the classroom, over tables, and on the street. You demonstrate your commitment to creating great and lasting neighborhoods and increase your exposure to industry leaders, government officials, and passionate stakeholders dedicated to placemaking. Find out how and why to become a CNU 23 Partner by downloading the partnership brochures below.

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