CNU 19 Salons: Join the Discussion.

Over the years, CNU has perfected the art of urban-related conversation at our Congresses. CNU provides forums that are lively, fun and engaged. This year, the Salons take on an exciting new format that includes both project critiques and the chance to discuss some of the most pressing urban-related issues of the day.

Eager to share your thoughts on proposed projects? Just curious to see what ideas are floating out there? Stroll around the Salon Presentations, where you can review and critique projects from like-minded associates and disciples of New Urbanism. Presenters will be sharing brief overviews of recent projects, and viewers will be able to engage in on-the-spot discussion.

In addition to the Salons Presentations, those looking for vigorous debate can hop into adjacent rooms and dive into the discourse in the Salon Sessions. What are the Salons Sessions you ask?

Salon Sessions are where institutional opinions are pit head-to-head concerning some of the most pressing and vital urban-related issues of the day. Come ready for an intellectual challenge as we explore topics such as:

Conservative New Urbanists

New Urban Infill in an Era of Less

Home is Where Your Car Is/Isn't: CNT's Location Efficiency Measure critiqued by NAHB, defended by Scott Bernstein

HUD Sustainable Communities: How 's it Working? How Can it Work Better?

Are Charettes Obsolete?

Head-on Collision: CEOs for Cities vs. the Texas Transportation Institute's Congestion Index. TTI and CEO's for Cities Dig for the Truth.

Whether you participate in the Salon Presentations, the Salon Sessions, or both, CNU Salons are a time for direct engagement and dialogue with fellow new urbanists. Join the discussion.





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