CNU 19 Salons

Over the years, CNU has perfected the art of urban-related conversation at our Congresses. CNU provides forums that are lively, fun and engaged. This year, the Salons take on an exciting new format that includes both project critiques and the chance to discuss some of the most pressing urban-related issues of the day.

The Salons take place on Thursday, June 2, between 8 and 10 p.m.

Salon Presentations

Eager to share your thoughts on proposed projects? Just curious to see what ideas are floating out there? Stroll around the Salon Presentations, where you can review and critique projects from like-minded associates and disciples of New Urbanism. Presenters will be sharing brief overviews of recent projects, and viewers will be able to engage in on-the-spot discussion.

CNU Chapters will be hosting the following salons:

  • CNU Atlanta: Health Impact Assessments and Community Design
  • CNU New York Project Critique
  • CNU Florida: CNU20 Preview: Downtown West Palm Beach Plans and City Place Critiques
  • CNU DC Chapter
  • CNU Wisconsin: Selected Projects
  • CNU Northern California: Implementing SB375

Charter Award Winners will also be on hand to display their award-winning work:

  • South Coast Rail Economic Development & Land Use Corridor Plan
  • DC Streetcar Land Use Study
  • Strategies for Sustainable Skaneateles, New York

Select CNU Staff will also conduct a special session to engage directly with members regarding exciting new membership levels and benefits.

For further information on signing-up for the Salon Presentations, please visit the Salons sign-up page.

Salon Sessions

In addition to the Salons Presentations, those looking for vigorous debate can hop into adjacent rooms and dive into the discourse in the Salon Sessions.
What are the Salons Sessions you ask? Salon Sessions are where institutional opinions are pit head-to-head concerning some of the most pressing and vital urban-related issues of the day. You can also dive into the discourse in the Salon sessions held in the breakout rooms between 8 and 10pm. Check signage for details. Topics to be explored this year include:

Room / Location 8 - 9 PM 9 - 10 PM Hall of Ideas FG Charrettes and the Next Generation of Public Engagement
Shrinking budgets, social media, and sophisticated opposition groups are all contributing to the changing landscape of public involvement. Our charrette process must respond or become obsolete. Please note this Salon will start at 9pm. Join Andres Duany, Bill Lennertz, and many more, and add your voice and participate in this very important conversation Hall of Ideas HIJ Home is Where Your Car Is/Isn’t: CNT’s Location Efficiency Measure Critiqued by NAHB, Defended by Scott Bernstein
Join the Center for Neighborhood Technology and the National Association of Homebuilders for a stimulating discussion of a new definition of housing affordability, the Housing and Transportation (H+T®) Affordability Index, which assesses the impact of location and transportation costs on the true cost of housing. Head-On Collision: CEOs for Cities vs. the Texas Transportation Institute’s Congestion Index
How should we be measuring traffic and congestion? And why does it matter so much for healthy and vibrant urban places? Come join us for a lively debate between Joe Cortright of CEOs for City and Tim Lomax of the Texas Transportation Institute on congestion indices and the influential role they play in shaping urban patterns. Meeting Room KLOP Disaster Strikes New Orleans: Hospitals Trashing the Beautiful City
Two mega-scaled hospitals with giant parking lots threaten the fabric of a Crescent City neighborhood. New Orleans' activist Bill Borah and CNU board member Jack Davis talk about their resistance strategy. Ballroom AB The Federal Sustainable Communities Initiative Salon: Lessons Learned and What's Next Featuring Shelley Poticha
Shelley Poticha will lead a conversation about the HUD DOT EPA partnership and its grant programs. These include the Sustainable Communities Regional Planning Grants and Community Challenge Grants. The total awarded to date is approximately $140 million. Please join us for an insightful peer to peer discussion. Ballroom D New Urban Infill in an Era of Less
Discussion of shrinking industrial cities like Detroit often leads to trendy solutions like converting it into farm fields. Cities may find that embracing their own urbanism is a better answer.

Whether you participate in the Salon Presentations, the Salon Sessions, or both, CNU Salons are a time for direct engagement and dialogue with fellow new urbanists. Join the discussion.