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U.S. Driving Decline

Thinking of a Master Plan: The American Dream

Converting Detroit's I-375 to a boulevard

Lions, Tigers, and Boulevards

Lions, Tigers and boulevards: each are reasons to be excited about Detroit. Yes even the Lions! As a native Detroiter, I dare not forget to mention the Detroit Red Wings who just hustled their way past the Ducks to begin what will be an intense series with the Blackhawks, but they’ve long been a standard of excellence in a city that’s had more than its fair share of challenges.

The Homeownership Myth

One common myth about American sprawl is that it is somehow related to Americans' support for homeownership.  But in fact, Americans are more likely to rent than residents of many other countries: 33 percent of us do so, as opposed to 26 percent of EU residents, 22 percent of New Zealanders, and 30 percent of Australians and British.  (Denmark's rental rate is about the same as ours).