CNU Salons

HUD Announces the End of Urban Sprawl as We Know It, New Urbanists Feel Fine

Shaun Donovan's speech at CNU18 addressed environmental and economic policy issues.

Learning from CNU 18: HUD Sec. Shaun Donovan Speaks

This year's conference gathered more attention when HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan contacted our office to announce his attendance at CNU 18 in Atlanta.

Three Powerful Voices: Reed, Kunstler and Duany

Three Powerful Voices: Reed, Kunstler and Duany discuss the heart of the
financial collapse and the power of regenerative urban design to lead the

Younger Americans ditching driving?!

We’ve long wondered whether anything short of James Howard Kunstler’s worst nightmare predictions for the Long Emergency will ever dethrone the Almighty Car.

The Power of Intersection Density

Intersection density makes surprising news in a study by the formidable academic duo of Reid Ewing and Robert Cervero.

CNU18: “Advancing Federal Policy and the Sustainable Communities Partnership”

At a panel discussion on “Advancing Federal Policy and the Sustainable Communities Partnership” at CNU18 in Atlanta, federal officials observed that $3 billion in competitive federal grants “in

HUD to CNU: What do you you do when you get what you asked for?

HUD officials made it clear at CNU 18 in Atlanta that ideas emerging from the Congress for New Urbanism have profoundly shaped federal policy, as it's now shifting under the Obama Administration.

Shaun Donovan on Federal Grant Criteria

It pays to attend the Congress - potentially in federal funds for your community.

Shop windows: an endangered species?

Two weeks ago, I wrote a post on my NRDC blog (‘Walkability 101-A’) drawing from Washington architect

Grid is good: Keeping the faith with the classic street patterns

Grids are the urbanists' power tools, Lee Sobel told Friday afternoon's session on "The Great American Grid." They help build great places quickly.