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"Mayors Institute" Model Comes to Israel (With a Little Help from CNU)

Aiming to import the success of the Mayors Institute on City Design — the National Endowment for the Arts program that has helped prepare more than 800 US Mayors over 24 years to be the "chief urban designers of their cities" — the Movement for Israeli Urbanism hosted the inaugural class of the Israeli Mayors’ Institute on City Renewal from June 1-3 in Tsefat and Tel Aviv.

Get More (Much More) From Those Road Dollars, Norquist Advises Congress

When a key House subcommittee delved into an important topic this week — how federal transportation programs can support "context-sensitive solutions" designed around the full range of needs of people and their neighborhoods, rather than just the needs of their automobiles — CNU's John Norquist submitted written test

Congress has new guide for switch to livable, high-performance street networks, experts testify at House hearing

U.S. Representative Peter DeFazio chaired a timely hearing of the Highways and Transit Subcommittee of the House Transportation Committee today.

Our Bodies, Our Cars

Report on CNU18 in this week's Austin Chronicle:

"Driving makes you fat."

Our Bodies, Our Cars

"Driving makes you fat."

Beyond BRT (which does not mean what you think it means)

Big Red Trucks have been staples of North American fire departments for decades, even on emergency medical calls rather than working fires.

Fed up with the oil spill? Stop sprawl, support revitalization

Enraged at the spill in the Gulf and the American appetite for oil that ultimately caused it?

Help Save Louisville, fill out this questionaire

As the Louisville and Southern Indiana Bridges Authority tries to figure out how to pay for their Ohio River Bridges Project (ORBP), a project that ad

CNU 18 Academic Papers Now Online

A huge thank you to everyone who participated, attended, spoke, and organized sessions at CNU 18: "Rx for Healthy Places" in Atlanta, GA.

David Byrne on New Urbanism, Burning Down of Houses at CNU 18

After publishing his book Bicycle Diaries, David Byrne pushed for two-wheeled transportation at CNU 18.