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Florida Regional Planning

During the Florida CNU, a lengthy discussion was started on the issues that we face with regional planning in Florida. The regional planning process in Florida is very complicated, and many times the vision is never developed beyond policy. Regional Planning Councils around the State are working hard to develop plans, private developers are creating plans, and local municipalities are creating visions for their growth. All of these plans includes visions and policies that over lap city and county boundaries. Many of these policies are never illustrated, and the vision is left to the imagination of the next planning session. Amazingly enough, when a plan is drawn, these plans are rarely placed on a State wide map with adjoining regional and city plans, or compared to regional transportation or water management needs.

CNU Florida Chapter Meeting Attracts 300

The third annual CNU Florida Chapter statewide meeting, Jan. 18-19 at Rollins College, attracted almost 300 new urbanists from across the state.

Andres Duany a "reasonable" visionary, says Times-Picayune

Andres Duany’s suggestions on how to save New Orleans may be falling on fertile ground these days. My analysis: people are beginning to sense Duany's’ genuine appreciation for New Orleans, a city which evokes his emotional attachment to similar cities found in his native Cuba, and that his suggestions are addressing practical concerns such as parking issues voiced by local residents. People are seeing that Duany is not playing SimCity with their town.

NU-Tube: Video for Santa Fe Project does a smart job introducing principles and sustainability benefits of New Urbanism

This video isn't your daddy's view of New Urbanism. But amid the quick cuts and other cool effects, it does a nice job of introducing viewers to New Urbanism. Just now breaking ground (and already so pre-sold that it's generating a long waiting list) Oshara appears to be an emerging exemplar of green urbanism -- a traditional neighborhood of connected streets and blocks, onsite stormwater retention and other examples of smart infrastructure and green buildings to boot. The developers back up their vision with research showing that residents will generate energy-use and pollution reductions of nearly 50% through reduced use of automobiles and more efficient heating and cooling of buildings. (Interesting political footnote: New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson suported granting an easement over a freeway to better connect the project to Santa Fe's existing street grid.)

LEED-ND Corresponding Cmte Update: 10 Jan 07

Posted as a courtesy to CNU members who are not yet part of the LEED-ND Corresponding Committee. Joining the Corresponding Committee is free and recommended for all CNU members; send an email to

With US urbanists (mostly) blocked, Euro urbanists rush in to help save Havana

The Cuban and Norwegian chapters of the Council for European Urbanism (CEU) have been busy arranging two great opportunities to learn more about (and influence) Cuban urbanism: a week long tour traveling to Havana, Cienfuegos, and Trinidad (Feb 24 - Mar 3) and a charrette focused on Old Havana's waterfront and nearby Casablanca (Mar 4-10).

Revival of Detroit's Book Cadillac Hotel: See the Video Here

One of the most exciting new developments in Downtown Detroit is the restoration of the Book Cadillac Hotel by the Ferchill Group. Check out this video, provided by Model D (a Detroit website covering redevelopment efforts in the city).

Katrina's Cottage Industry - Washington Post

Nearly a year and a half have passed since Hurricane Katrina ravaged the Gulf Coast as well as the unveiling of New Urbanism's latest poster child--the Katrina Cottage. What began as a response to razed housing in Louisiana and Mississippi is now expanding elsewhere. A new round of manufactured cottages have hit the market with potential to gain popularity beyond the Gulf.

A way to publicize your work has allowed me to create an individual web page at

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Is Martha serious about building New Urbanism?

Martha Stewart and KB Homes are making a big PR push in which they're branding their new Avellino Development as New Urbanism. And the fruits of this push are showing up all over the media (such as here and here).