We're the bad guys?!?!?

There's a new paperback novel co-authored by Glen Beck, entitled AGENDA 21.  It's a dystropian tale of a future that, according to Mr. Beck and his co-author is about to descend upon us!!!  In the story, life is so depressing that Ayn Rand's ANTHEM the title piece from her THE ANTI-INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION are cheerful prophecied of better days ahead!  In the book's afterword, two of Agenda 21's main points are 1) moving people out of suburbs into urban locations.  2)Sustainable development and smart growth!  Heavens! Head for the bomb shelters and break out the semi-automatic assault weapons with 30-round clips!  UNless, like me, you live in CT. Then Gov. Malloy will shake his finger and say "Naughty! Naughty!"

Gee! I never knew that I was part of such a totalitarian group!


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