How They See Us

I'm currently reading, among other things, the book VARIATIONS ON A THEME PARK, edited by Michael Sorkin.  One essay entitled "New City, New Frontier", identifies New Urbanism and Gentrification as almost one and the same.  I guess I didn't get the memo that making urban spaces livable was the same thing as "prettifying" property for the art gallery and salon crowd!

Then again, I've seen NU decried because of projects like Seaside, Kentlands, and Celebration.  These are presented as evidence that New Urbanism works only where there is open space to build things just so.  These critics must have forgotten the wisdom of making demonstration models; and that new technologies, products, processes, etc. tend to be expensive when first introduced.

Am I PO'd?

No.  I'll just keep up the good work and let the results speak for themselves.


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