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Smart Growth Advocates Gaining Influence in Chesterfield County, VA

The normalities of sprawling strip malls may become a thing of the past outside of Richmond, Virginia as Smart-Growth Groups seek to change the way their communities are planned and developed.

Unconventionality of Old Philadelphiia - Influence on New Urbanism

Here's an article written right after CNU XV - from a weekly Philadelphia newspaper. The author calls for Philadelphia to take value from its past in building for the future.

Citizens Embrace New Urbanist Development in Chico

This editorial from the Chico, CA Enterprise-Record not only offers an endorsement of the recently approved Meriam Park development, it shows why communnity members are supporting it as well. The plan's walkable, dense, mixed-use neighborhoods are a big reason why.

Soak up the sameness: They call them "New Urbanism," even though these developments are rarely new or urban.

Monica Yant Kinney | You'll recognize this 'new' place
By Monica Yant Kinney June 1, 2007
Inquirer Columnist

Inquirer reporter offers something for all of us to think seriously about: NU "sameness" supplanting "placemaking." "I snicker, but I've spent a considerable amount of time and cash at what - big surprise - turned into just a newer, slightly more convenient example of the same-old suburban sprawl.Mayberry never had Panera and Baja Fresh and the year-round miracle that is The Christmas Tree Shops." Read More...

Picture of Soon to be Destroyed Downtown Camden County Jail, the 2nd Prison Slated to Go.

See the context of downtown area of Camden where jail resides, across the street from Walt Whitman's House, a National Landmark,_n

Camden Announces Destruction of 2nd Downtown Prison, Just Days After Announcing Tear Down of Riverfront State Pen

City Opens Up for Developers

With destruction of downtown County Jail, Camden becomes prime real estate. Mickle Blvd. is Gateway to city of Camden and it's waterfront. It is 1.5 miles long, with Campbells Soup announced new World Headquarters to be built at east end, capped by scenic Delaware River at west end, where you can catch the Ferry for a short hop to Old City Philadelphia. In the middle of this 1.5 mile blvd is a state of the art high speed rail line, connecting to downtown Philadelphia, with connections to Amtrak and Intl. airport less than ten minutes away.

Urban Land Interview on Green Urbanism

Urban Land - May 2007 - Feature

“‘Try it, you’ll like it’ is better than ‘Do this even though it hurts because it’s good for the planet.’”

The Green Quotient

Q&A with Hank Dittmar

Campbells Soup $100 Million Single Use Campus Plan Available Online

To VIEW plans go to:
PASSWORD: blueprint

Robert A. M. Stern's provocative address to CNU XV now available online

The office of Robert A. M. Stern, FAIA, has posted the full text of his address to CNU XV last week in Philadelphia.

NJ Gov. Corzine Set To Destroy Riverfront Prison In Camden

"This is a golden opportunity for North Camden and the entire city. It could open the door for some 50 to 60 acres of new ( waterfront) development," Sadler said. (With spectacular views of Philadelphia)