Smart Signs' Call for Submissions


SmartSign is seeking interesting, intelligent content concerning parking and urban design for a new web-based project.

Payment for articles of 500 - 800 words is $150. SmartSign is also seeking “Infographics” related to elegant parking solutions and the role of good signage. Payment for infographics will be based on the scope of work. Potential topics include:

· Diagonal parking
· Reverse angle parking
· Designing a better parking garage
· Why “Missing Teeth” in the urban fabric are bad for business
· Why pedestrian-only urban street malls fail.
· Accommodating and "taming" the car
· Environmental issues (storm water runoff/”green” parking lots/mediation)
· Teaching better pedestrian behaviors (carrying canvas bags, planning ahead)
· Sharing space with pedestrians and bicycles
· The high cost of free parking

Content that addresses the issue of signage and privately operated parking lots and structures will be given preference. All contributors must send a brief query first,

About SmartSign:

Based in Brooklyn, NY, SmartSign is an online store for parking related signs as well as many other products.


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