Getting Multifamily Right in Forest Hills Gardens

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I was walking through Forest Hills Gardens today, and noticed yet another way in which Forest Hills Gardens is superior to a typical steetcar suburb.  In most neighborhoods that have a variety of housing types, smaller residences are quite visibly different from bigger ones, thus maing the smaller houses look out of place.

The designers of Forest Hills Gardens found a way to make more affordable housing fit in with the rest of the neighborhood.  Instead of having small dwellings that look small and cheap compared to the neighborhood's mansions, or apartment houses that tower over the mansions, Forest Hills Gardens has rowhouses and duplexes that are about the same height and have about the same "look" as single family homes.  So at first glance, you might confuse them with mansions.  The only thing that reminds you otherwise are the multiple doors.  For example, go to Google Street View and look at the duplex at 76 Greenway North, or the rowhouses at 210 Burns Street.  


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