2012 Transportation Summit Session- Highways to Boulevards

The 2012 CNU Transportation Summit will held in Long Beach, CA September 9-10, 2012. This will be a working meeting for a day-and-a-half that will advance CNU's Project for Transportation Reform and facilitate the exchange of ideas and lessons between New Urbanists and bike and pedestrian planners.

Join us in Long Beach at CNU's Transportation Summit for the Highways to Boulevards working group!  The group will focus on furthering the initiative by working on two fronts.  First, the group will discuss opportunities in the transportation funding process for highway removal and boulevard retrofits by exploring how the financing process is prioritized and implemented.  As a result, the working group will select key issues to critique in the standard transportation review process for highway reconstruction.

Secondly, the group will evaluate a new case study--Long Beach's Shoreline Drive.  Participants will examine how to convert the Drive into a multi-modal street with better connections for all users while preserving its iconic character as home for the Grand Prix race.  The resulting short case study will offer a new vision and guidelines for waterfront stakeholders.

The attached documents provide background information and discussion questions that the group will consider at the Summit.

Join the conversation by signing up for the Highways to Boulevards working group at the 2012 Transportation Summit! To register, visit here.

For details about the summit, please visit here.



Highways Working Group Action Plan (2012 Summit)339.27 KB
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