Making CNU 21 more accessible

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I recently ran across one of the CNU 20 panels on Youtube.  As useful as it was, I'm not sure how many hours I want to spend in front of a computer screen trying to keep my attention on a video presentation.  I started to wonder: is there a way for people to access CNU panels without spending hours on Youtube?

It seems to me that it takes a lot less time to read a printout (either of a transcript or a Powerpoint outline) than it does to watch the same presentation on video.  On the other hand, complete transcripts of CNU panels are impractical, since they would require paying someone to transcribe every word of a panel.  So is there a third way?

Here's my idea: presenters would be asked to give someone at CNU speech transcripts (if they had written out their speech beforehand) or their notes or outlines (if they were speaking from notes).  Of course, not every presenter has them, since I assume some speak off-the-cuff.  But I would guess that many of the presenters have created somethng in writing.  CNU could then post the transcripts, notes etc. on the CNU 21 website. 

Would this be as useful as the Youtube presentations?  Admittedly, readers would still miss the question-and-answer sessions after the panels.  But by reading the notes, readers could at least get the condensed version of the panels, and if they found any panel especially interesting, they could always go to the Youtube version for me. 


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