Urban Freeway Teardown at CNU 20

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CNU's John Norquist moderated the "Urban Freeways: Devastation and Opportunity" panel at CNU 20 in West Palm Beach this year. Panelists included Mayor John DeStefano, Jr., Tony Garcia, and Alison Richardson. Richardson, landscape architect, discussed the often forgotten parks in Boston's Big Dig, Garcia tackled the socioeconomic consequences of Miami's Overtown Expressway, and Mayor DeStefano talked about New Haven's current plans for Route 34. You can view this session below:

And attached are the presentations offered by the speakers. Following the presentation, Mayor DeStefano, Jr. was in the hot seat while fielding questions from new urbanists about the (lack of) new urbanist design elements in the Route 34 Phase 1 plans. The heated discussion highlighted a major tension in the national urban freeway removal movement: how do new urbanists galvanize political leadership to explore and support transportation alternatives like freeway removal? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below...

Alison Richardson's Presentation28.73 MB
Tony Garcia's Presentation7.55 MB
Mayor DeStefano, Jr.'s Presentation11.49 MB


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