Tumlin on parking

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This afternoon, Jeffrey Tumlin spoke on how to reform parking to reduce the negative results of minimum parking requirements. (If you're not familiar with them, google "Donald Shoup"). Some of his solutions were stuff I've heard before: abolish parking requirements, create residential permit systems to reduce the threat of spillover parking, and set market prices for parking to discourage driving. But I heard a few neat ideas I hadn't heard before.

Such as:

1. If a city does have a parking permit system (i.e. allowing only residents of neighborhood with parking stickers to park on its streets), prevent new developments from participating in it (thus reducing NIMBY opposition to infill, since NIMBYs no longer need fear that residents of the new development will clog the neighborhood with their cars).

2. Smart meters that accept credit cards, to make on-street parking easier and thus reduce demand for off-street parking.

3. Allow people to renew their on-street parking by cellphone, so that people can park for more time than expected, thus making downtown parking less obnoxious.

4. Flex parking- allow merchants to commandeer parking space for outdoor restaurant space, to increase restaurant revenue.

5. Undo the parking/rent bundle- require landlords to give commercial/residential renters the option of "cashing out" parking by going without parking spaces.

6. In places using parking permits, subsidize people who surrender their permits (e.g. with transit passes, money for carsharing)- the idea being that the cost of the subsidies is outweighed by reduced need for parking.


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