Today's Best Form-Based Codes + Stefanos and Lizz on the SmartCode and Other FBCs

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Friday, May 11th, 2-5 PM-Santa Ana Transit+Bradenton Sustainable Modules codes

If you have any interest in Form-Based Coding, arguably the best session during CNU20 will is being offered this Friday from 2-5PM (May 11th). We will explore in depth the Santa Ana Transit Code, (Moule & Polyzoides) and the Bradenton SmartCode that includes modules for sustainability and provisions for affordable housing (Dover Kohl & Partners) will be explained and discussed in depth. Then Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk and Stefanos Polyzoides will compare the SmartCode and other Form-Based Codes, concluding with audience Q & A. Richard H. Driehaus, will make a cameo appearance at the beginning of the session. Come join us and add your knowledge to this intense discussion!


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