The People of Vickery Need Your Help!

The people of Vickery, in Forsyth County just north of Atlanta need your help!  You may be familiar with Vickery, a New Urbanism community featuring beautiful, distinctive architecture that architects, students and developers from around the world visit while in Atlanta.  Our community is under attack through a collaboration between Wells Fargo Bank (who owns approx 200 lots due to foreclosure of the original developer) and John Wieland Homes - a large builder.  Wieland and Wells have begun building tract-style housing in our community of unique homes, despite the outcry from current Vickery residents.  These substandard homes will destroy the unique environment created by Hedgewood Homes, the original developer.

Sadly, there are two other builders currently active in Vickery who are building homes that compliment Vickery on the few lots that Wells Fargo does not own, but they are running out of lots and Wells Fargo refuses to sell these lots to them.  We URGENTLY need the voice and support of New Urbanists to preserve what has been built here.  Another former Hedgewood community, Downtown Woodstock, has been invaded by Wieland.  We do not want to suffer the same fate that Downtown Woodstock has faced.

This is a grassroots effort by Vickery residents fighting a large bank and big builder. You can help by commenting on our site and, in particular, visiting the "Who's Who and Contact Information" page and commenting directly to Wells Fargo and Wieland.  Vickery is in a fight for its life as a premier New Urbanist community.  Please help us in any way you can!       


Support the people of Vickery

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