Context Sensitive Solutions National Dialogue 2 to be launched April 11th

Context Sensitive Solutions National Dialogue 2, a joint effort of a project team led by Project Performance Corporation in collaboration with the Center for Transportation and the Environment, Parsons, and Project for Public Spaces, will be held from 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM EST on April 11th.


Short for Context sensitive solutions, CSS is a collaborative, interdisciplinary, holistic approach to the process and outcomes of transportation decision making. In light of the recent updates on federal transportation initiatives and policies, National Dialogue 2 will clarify the linkage between CSS principles and transportation planning practice.


Exemplary plans, projects, and programs will be featured to demonstrate the value of applying the principles of CSS. The webinar will be carried out in the form of nine workshops in one day at various locations nationwide, and will provide an online forum for discussion. Participants will also gain information about how to participate in the upcoming series of workshops.


This event is free but requires registration. To register please visit:



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