CNU 20: Urban Freeways - Devastation and Opportunity

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Now more than ever, urban freeway removal projects are gaining support from both the public and their elected leaders. CNU's bi-annual Freeways Without Futures report showcases just a handful of the many replacement opportunities across North America. We'll take some time at CNU 20 to talk more about the before and after - the devastation wreaked by freeways and the tremendous opportunities to rebuild value in urban cores with removal projects. How have urban freeways destroyed traditional, often poor, neighborhoods, and what is being done today to repair the urban fabric and make cities whole again?

Join CNU President & CEO John Norquist on Friday, May 11 at 10:45 AM for a panel discussion, "Urban Freeways: Devastation and Opportunity." Panelists include Mayor of New Haven John DeStefano, Jr., Anthony Garcia of The Streets Plans Collaborative and Alison Richardson of Browne, Richardson & Rowe, Inc. This session will explore the history of urban freeways such as Miami's Overtown Expressway, New Orleans' Claiborne Expressway, New Haven's Route 34 and Boston's Big Dig. Moderated by Norquist, panelists will discuss strategies to create livable and accessible neighborhoods, the mechanics of building public support and the challenges facing civic and elected leaders.


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