Revised Transportation Bill Carries Crucial Amendments

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The US Senate adopted several key amendments to the base Senate transportation reauthorization bill in recent days, including the bipartisan Cardin-Cochran amendment. This amendment would restore local control over bicycle and pedestrian spending and would allow for more flexible development of transportation options. James Corless, Director for Transportation for American, contacted supporters and coalition members to urge them to call their Senator and help move this bill forward. A "cloture" vote is expected on Tuesday by noon eastern standard time, so make your voice heard and call your Senator in support of these revisions. "While [coalition partners] will continue to seek further improvements to the bill," Corless writes that Transportation for America now supports the revised bill because "the Senators that developed this bipartisan legislation deserve enormous credit for incorporating changes to help ensure that the federal program improves mobility and travel options for Americans rich and poor, urban and rural, while preserving our existing infrastructure. It is encouraging to see that the Senate is able to continue to do the people’s business and move forward on a bill that is so critical to our economic health and future well-being."


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