Paris, Rue de Rennes

Paris Notes
March 2012

Rue de Rennes. Previously one of the most polluted and pedestrian-unfriendly streets in Paris.
By the end of April, the project will be complete to include enlarged sidewalks, reduction of automobile lanes, separation for bus and bicycle lanes, new street furniture, many new trees and plants, and bump outs for deliveries. Already, pedestrian access is much better and traffic is calmer. The air is better too. Bravo M. Delanoe. Photos to follow.

Robert Gordon,


Can't wait to see the photos

Can't wait to see the photos of the revamped Rue de Rennes. The French seem to be co-opting Rahm Emanuel's "never let a crisis go to waste" dictum full-force; with the plans for the Métrophérique - the ring of transit connecting the suburbs of the city - the entire Paris metro is reorienting towards a more ped-and-transit friendly mindset, even in times of increased strain on the Euro.

Ped & cycle friendly Paris

Yes Paris is becoming dramatically pedestrian, bicycle and transit friendly. But it has been doing this for a long time. One can't help but be impressed by how advanced Paris is, well ahead of Chicago and other American cities. Many of Chicago's innovations resulted from Mayor Daley's visits here.
Come and visit, there is much to admire.
Construction on Rue de Rennes will be finished in April and I'll be sure to post photos.
Thanks for your interest.
Robert Gordon


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