Upcoming Vote on Cardin-Cochran Amendment

After the Presidents’ Day Recess, Congress will vote on the Cardin-Cochran amendment, which would give local governments, rather than state Departments of Transportation, more access to transportation funding.  The shift in funding distribution would help protect local communities and their quests to design safer streets and connections among different modes of transportation.

If the new amendment were to pass, municipalities with over one million residents would be sub-allocated a portion of state transportation funds.  Municipalities with fewer than one million residents will be able to apply for transportation funds through competitive grant processes. This system would ensure that local governments have a chance to apply for these funds before the state moves them over to other programs.  The amendment gives local governments greater control over a share of their state’s transportation dollars, which can be used to revitalize their main streets and make them safer for everyone.


Contact your Senator today to

Contact your Senator today to show your support for the amendment!


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