Obama Administration Releases 2013 Budget, Protects Partnership for Sustainable Communities

The Obama Administration has released its budget for the fiscal year 2013, which includes full funding for the Partnership for Sustainable Communities.  The Partnership is a collaboration among the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Department of Transportation, and the Environmental Protection Agency. With the goals of improving access to affordable housing, creating more and more multi-modal transportation options, and protecting the environment, the Partnership for Sustainable Communities works to ensure the health of American communities.

In addition, the Obama Administration’s new budget proposes permanent authorization of the TIGER inter-modal transportation grant program and adoption of an infrastructure-efficient “fix it first” policy for federal highway and public transportation grants, in which existing roads and highways will be repaired before new structures are funded.  Increases in funding for the Choice and Promise Neighborhoods also emphasize a commitment to addressing entrenched urban, social, and economic issues.



It's time to "Right Fix" our

It's time to "Right Fix" our communities and cut down on the long-term expenses needed to maintain our infrastructure and communities.


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