HUD's Sustainable Communities Resource Center

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has launched a new online resource that compiles information for American policy-makers, professionals, and residents seeking to green their communities.  Interested cities and towns will now find it easier to learn about best practices for sustainability projects of all scales.  The HUD describes the site’s goals and aspirations:

“Increasingly, America’s communities are developing strategies to help ensure their economic, environmental and social well-being. A sustainable community is an urban, rural, or suburban community that has a vibrant local economy, more housing and transportation choices, is closer to jobs, schools and shops, is more energy independent, and helps protect clean air and water.

“Because every community is different and sustainability encompasses a range of needs and opportunities, there is no “one size fits all” model. Rather, sustainability uses a bottom-up approach and a range of strategies in response to the needs, assets, and visions that each community brings to the table. What all of these communities have in common are coordinated, well-thought-out approaches to leveraging investments that attract jobs, save taxpayer money, offer more energy-efficient housing and transportation choices and that balance economic and natural assets to meet both the current and future needs of all Americans. 

“The Sustainable Communities Resource Center is intended to provide the public with a comprehensive set of information that supports local and regional strategies, with a particular emphasis on sustainable housing and planning. The Resource Center provides ready access to best practices, cutting edge research, new reports and resources, and spotlights innovation in the field.”


It is encouraging to see HUD

It is encouraging to see HUD acknowledge there is no "one size fits all" prescription and open up opportunities for communities to express the nuances that are specific to place. 


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