CNU-Illinois Hosts "Redefining Convenience" Workshop


For the last several decades the ideal vision of convenience has often been defined by a sub-urban sprawl mindset: being able to drive to the mall or other large shopping center, getting whatever the household needs, and driving back to the single family home with a multi-stall garage. However, over the last few years the forces driving this mindset have changed. Gas prices have been increasing. As the economy has worsened, people have less disposable income. Infrastructure is deteriorating, and as a result of foreclosures, fewer traditional families live in single family homes. And of course, for large portions of the American population, this vision of convenience never applied to their lives in the first place.
As people adapt in their daily life, they become more attracted to other options, and so society is starting to redefine convenience. The new definition is looking more and more urban everyday.

As dedicated urbanists how do we bring about positive changes amidst challenging times?  How do we achieve great things by invigorating local economies and investing in incremental changes to our built environment?

CNU Illinois 5 is dedicated to the improvement of existing practices and the development of new ideas.  It will be a day filled with expert presentations, productive conversations and a hands-on workshop.

Date: March 15, 2012
Time: 9:30am-4:00pm
Location:  Inland Steel Building    30 West Monroe Street    Chicago
(Ground floor - formerly Bank of America branch)

Morning Session    9:30am-12:30pm    Cost: $15
1.0 The Engine
1.1 Occupy Urbanism - Community Wealth
      Chuck Renner - Principal, Renner Design Associates
1.2 Local Economies 101  
      Local First Chicago
2.0 The Place
2.1 Tactical Urbanism
      Mike Lydon - Principal, The Street Plans Collaborative 
2.2 A Livable Loop: Place-making in the CBD
       Chicago Loop Alliance

Lunch + Networking    12:30-1:00pm    Cost: $15
Hannah's Bretzel

Afternoon Session    1:00-4:00pm    Cost: $15
3.0 The Application
      Design Workshop featuring real local/regional projects
4.0 The Conversation
      A Q+A panel discussion featuring the day's participants

Happy Hour  4:00pm - 
Location: TBD


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