University of Miami School of Architecture, the Newest CNU-A Cont Ed Provider Partner

The CNU- A Continuing Education Provider Program welcomes its newest partner: The University of Miami School of Architecture.

CNU- A is a professional accreditation program to recognize the talent within the New Urbanist movement for creating walkable, sustainable places. The purpose is to elevate the practice of the principles of New Urbanism through professional accreditation and to develop the CNU Accreditation program as a premier standard of professional excellence in the design of the built environment.

CNU and the University of Miami School of Architecture have teamed up to create an online exam developed by leading new urbanist experts with a self-paced, online course in preparation of the exam titled The Principles and Practice of New Urbanism

Now, as a CNU-A Continuing Education Provider, select UM School of Architecture events are available as continuing education options to CNU-A members, thereby making it easier to maintain CNU-A status. CNU-A Continuing Education Providers help members fulfill their attendance goal by offering one or more New Urbanism-related education events per year.

From the UMSA:

The School of Architecture’s mission is founded in the faculty commitment to community and its focus on the city as a work of art and architecture. The school is a forum for the work of New Urbanism, an international movement with a charter of 27 principles addressing issues ranging from the scale of a region to individual buildings. Those principles form a vision which guides the programs of the UMSA. 


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