CNU 20 on the Public Square!

The CNU Public Square is back and better than ever! Simply click over to the Public Square, create an account and/or log in, and add your voice to the discussion surrounding CNU 20.

The 20th annual Congress event is a chance to count our accomplishments as a movement and identify the path for the next 20 years and beyond. CNU co-founder Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk will be delivering the opening night lecture and she is looking for your input. Specifically, what do you think are the top six accomplishments of and the top six challenges facing the movement? 

This year, the CNU Public Square also highlights the advanced 202 courses being offered in West Palm Beach. On the Public Square homepage, click on the title of each 202 to find a course description, speakers, recommended reading, and an agenda. While there, use the discussion board to ask questions, share stories, and make suggestions. We hope to make these courses as interactive as possible leading up to the actual 202 session.

Engage at the CNU Public Square and add your voice today!


And don't forget to register

And don't forget to register now for CNU 20!


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