Vibrant Cities & Urban Forests


The Vibrant Cities & Urban Forests Task Force has released its report with recommendations for the advancement of urban forestry and natural resources stewardship.  John Norquist, President and CEO of CNU, served on the advisory committee that brought the report to fruition.  Twenty-five national and local leaders debated the best ways for federal policy, programs, partnerships, and investment can move urban tree planting and stewardship programs forward.  With the report, the Task Force will help expand consciousness of the importance of incorporating diverse and substantial green spaces into the urban environment.

Vibrant Cities on their national call to action:

Through the lens of urban forestry, natural resources stewardship and green infrastructure, the Vibrant Cities & Urban Forests Task Force has established recommendations that will help change the way we live in, manage, study and rebuild our cities and towns over the next few decades.  The hope is that the efforts of Vibrant Cities will contribute to a changed shared consciousness about urban life; that a diverse, growing, accessible urban forest will be considered fundamental to healthy, sustainable communities, neighborhoods and people. And that these recommendations will both bolster current and inspire new efforts and supporters – helping to guide cities and their citizens closer to making theirs a truly vibrant place to live, work and play


Read the full report here!



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